29 ene. 2012

A dance with dragons

Less than a year since I knew the existence of this book saga, Game of Thrones was the first book and almost at the same time I knew there was a TV serie of the same title, so I decided read all the books before I see the TV version.

The books are long and with the kindle, I only see the percent of the book I've read, the chapters take almost an hour each, I've read most of the pages while taking sun bathes at home.

This saga has been unpredictable since the beginning and like in any saga, you always think what will happen and when someone not expected dies, you feel angry with the writer, it's not like in our lifes, that we cannot blame anyone when bad thinks happen.

Well, I know the next book will take some years to come, and although I like this saga, it will be good having time to read other books. The next willl be in spanish.

God safe the Kindle!

4 ene. 2012

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