5 feb. 2008

Shame in Spain

This weekend Spain has shown his worst face to the world.

In Montmeló while the great part of the F1 teams were testing their cars, lots of hooligans shouted Lewis Hamilton like a criminal.

The spanish sports press has created enemies in an individual sport, last year they promoted the hate to Michael Schumacher, the greatest driver in the history. This year the enemy was the newcomer Lewis Hamilton, a young boy how showed how he could drive as fast or faster than the spanish champion Fernando Alonso.

Don't blame those stupid spaniards, they are silly, they think every year that their football selection will win the World or the European Championship. They have no brain, they didn't know what a Formula One was until 4 or 5 years ago.

If Alonso never again wins another championship, they will say that Alonso is a looser. One day in the top and the next under the floor, this is how the spanish supporters are. They will never sing the "You'll never walk alone" to their idols.

Sorry for the image, but it's better that you know why those people acted like they did.